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Citric Media Production House
Citric Media Production House

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The citric media house was founded in 2014 by founder, Ms. Arti Sharma and Mr Sanjay Wadhwa. From the time Citric is trying to alter the definition of the modelling industry in India, particularly in Delhi region venturing in long outlines and inline project.

Citric promote diversity which drives the industry towards the association. Currently, Citric is operating from Delhi and shortly proposing for the global. As citric media house has a different stance, we have known in taking great care of our models, our clients and our staff. With integrity, we serve our client better. We invite you to assist, suggest whatever occurs with us.

Perhaps it’s easier to say who we’re not. We’re not your archetypal agency, capable of thinking the thought, talking the walk but delegating the do. Nor are we your traditional production house, proficient at producing, but short of the strategic shizzle.
Nope, we’re neither, and yet we’re both…
We are a full service video production house capable of creating universal entertainment content.

We make all kind of videos & creatives for fun. To be precise, explainer videos, short social ads, product demo videos, product shoots, short films and it just goes on & on. But if you ask real nice and pay us, we can make them for you too. Plus, we are the real deal on conference calls.
We strive for perfection with every video we produce, sites we build, or photo shoots we hold, but the reality is we only achieve it all the time.

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Whether you want to make a TV commercial or a corporate video, The Citric Media House is just the perfect production company in Delhi that you can trust.


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Our teams have enthusiastic youngsters who work under the guidance of highly trained veterans who have experience of working with several top production houses & communication agencies in Delhi. From fiction to non-fiction, our video production house offers services for all sorts of video production & branding work including but not limited to live-action, motion graphics, 3D animation etc. Being one of the top production houses, we not only just focus on the storytelling aspect of the video, but we also ensure that the film is technically flawless.

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